Why a Consultation and What's With the Difficult Questions?

              I hope you have had a wonderful week.  Think back to when you were attending the first day of school for each grade.  We were all asked to do a Who Am I project right?  I love the children still have to do this every year.  The project was used introduce your teacher to you and everyone got to know something about each other they may not have know from previous years and it also helped welcome the new students to the class.  For those of us who are shy when meeting new people, this was helpful, even though I always dreaded the projects because that meant an oral presentation.  I continue this process with potential clients such as your self with consultations.   Now think about this: Have you ever allowed a specialist to do a procedure without a consultation?  How about a contractor?  You don't just hire someone to do something without meeting with them first, right!   Well that is why a consultation is required by me, it helps you learn about what you will receive and whether I can provide you with everything you want or need from your session.  The consultation is filled with difficult questions and I am frequently asked "what is with all the hard questions?". 

So here is the answer.

Mindful Light Photography

               When I meet you in person for the first time, I want to learn everything I can about you to provide you with an amazing experience and images you will cherish.  I ask questions beyond what your name is and who will be part of the session.  The questions can be difficult such as name one word that describes you or your family depending on the session. Some other questions I ask have to do what your family enjoys doing and what is one happy memory your family has that can get their attention with one word.  These questions help me to break the ice with the members of your family that I haven’t had the chance to meet and help everyone relax and get into a conversation without the distraction of a phone.

Candid Moment at Waid Park in Rocky Mount, VA.

               Other questions pertain to your photography style, which help me determine what type of session will best fit you.  You can have a be more candid moments of interaction and less posed or more posed and less interaction.  Take the Fuller family for example.  By meeting with Jackie prior to her session I was able to know her family is more out going and I was able to get them thinking and talking about things they love resulting in me being able to capture true happiness during her session.  The questions can help determine the best location for your session as well and the best finish for your portraits based on whether you are more modern, classic or a mixture of both.  The finishes could be anything from canvas, metal or framed.  I enjoy the classic poses filled with candid moments.  I also ask if you have any heirloom items I ask you bring them and we will include them in your session to make it even more personal to you. All this information helps me to personalize your session to you and your family. 

photographer in Rocky Mount VA

               I learn about you and your family during your consult to make your session as fun and relaxed as possible for everyone involved.  There is nothing worse than arriving to your session and your child doesn’t want to have anything to do with me and I spend more time during the session trying to connect with your child.  When I can learn about them prior to the session and then I can be prepared with things your child likes and I can talk to them about things they like resulting in you have wider variety of images to view and less stress.


              If you would like to have a wonderful photography experience, contact me today to set up your Pre-Consult now and try something new!  You can follow me at: www.facebook.com/MindfulLight