Heart's Desire Floral Designs & Gift Baskets

In the world of business no two companies are the same.  The only thing that is the same is every business has at least one owner and a name.  The original owner has the duty of deciding on the perfect name and what to offer a customer.  Most of the time there is a story behind the name.  Every week I am going to feature a local business from Franklin County.  I will sit down with the owner that named the business and find out their story.  This week I had the chance to sit down with the owner of Hearts Desire to get the story behind the business.  This is the first of many you will get to know.  Every business has a story and each story is part of what keeps Franklin County moving forward. 

This week’s feature business is Heart’s Desire Floral Designs and Gift Baskets owned by Joann Menefee. 

Joann like many small business owners did not originally want to be a business owner but worked at ITT for 16 years and did many other jobs.  When she left ITT and moved to Rocky Mount she jumped in head first and attempted business ownership with JC Floral and gifts.  JC Floral and gifts eventually became Heart’s Desire Floral Designs and Gift Baskets.  Joann chose to change the business name because the art she creates is tailored to what the customers’ heart desires. When it came to deciding what products and services to provide to potential clients, it was an easy decision for Joann as her passion to do crafts and create gifts has always been part of her life.  You see, around 2003 – 2004 while doing her genealogy on her family she discovered her estranged grandfather on her father’s side was an orderly who traveled the world decorating and catering high end weddings.  This is when she determined her natural talent comes from her family and the love of caring for those in need.

Of all the creations Joann has provided through Heart’s Desire, her favorite pieces to create are casket spreads because it is one last time for the family to look back on what the loved one found meaningful in life.  The spreads are created to include personal items and colors that loved ones ask to have in the design. By creating a custom spread friends and family can have one last look back on the life and love of the family member that passed.  Another favorite is decorating churches and bringing Gods beauty from outside into the house of the Lord.  With the Lords help Joann has been granted the ability to touch many families and friends with a personal piece of beautiful art.  She has the ability to see an idea add what people love and bring it all together to create a finished product special to the customer.  For example, if you wish to have a door hanger with tigers and turtles on it she will find a way to create it to meet your personality and make it meaningful in the process.

For Joann the decision to open a floral and interior design business wasn’t because she had to but because she felt it was the calling God has provided.  Joann has walked many paths in life and has been redirected to her crafts each time.  This has helped her to continue on the journey God has started her on to see where it leads.

Joann hopes in years to come the community can call on her through their heart’s desire to share her gift to display what they desire for any occasion and bring joy to their life.  In the process she hopes to be able to share in the good moments as well as the times of need. Joann will be there as a friend and provide an ear to listen and comfort when needed.

Now you have learned about the path Joann was placed on leading to Heart’s Desire Floral Designs and Gift Baskets which has given her the chance to have a positive impact on many families’ lives.  Take a moment and look at your life to see the path have you been put on.  We all need to slow down and enjoy what God has given us and cherish the quiet moments. We need to grow the talents we have to share with those around us whether it’s being a good listener or a great teacher.

Until Next time when you get to learn more about the Kupkakery!


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