Kupkakery Bakery with Desiree Smith

When you are out and about and look around you, what do you see?  Businesses, yes big and small are all around us.   Most of the businesses in Franklin County are locally owned and some have been able to go beyond Franklin County.  Others stay local and love meeting new people and creating friendships with the customers that come in regularly.

This week’s business is the Kupkakery owned by Desiree Smith.

Desiree Smith

I had the pleasure of sitting down and talking with her, learning the back story on the Kupkakery and what part it plays in the community.  Desiree and her family moved to Franklin County in the 90’s and she was part of the Franklin County Graduating class of 1999.

Not every business is a dream to begin with.  Some business owners start out bad at what they do and with hard work and dedication they learn and grow eventually loving what becomes a business.  Desiree was one of those.  Around the age of 11 was when she first remembers attempting to bake and like many of us who have learned know the first time is never perfect.  For Desire she learned that not only is the type of ingredient important so is the quality.   After many years of learning and growing in her baking it has become a passion.   After a bad experience with another business she decided to make her first cake for her second daughter’s first birthday and from there with a year of focus and practice she built her skills in decorating and baking even more to a point many loved and wanted her cupcakes and cakes.  Even with the passion of baking, owning a bakery was not her dream but when given the chance she didn’t hesitate. 

Desiree Smith

Opening her own bakery only became an option after an opportunity was put in front of her that was too good to be true.  A woman by the name of Susan who had never met Desiree or tasted any of her baked goods provided an offer she would be insane to pass up.  She made it possible for Desiree to open the Kupkakery in 2012.  It was a gift from God and hard work that provided the ability for her to share what she loves with those around her.  The name Kupkakery is spelled with three k’s because the first two are for her daughters and the third is in remembrance for her friend Corporal Jared W. Kubasak who lost his life in Iraq.  When naming her bakery she wanted it to have meaning and to honor those she loves and to have others remember.   She gives back to a foundation in honor of Jared.  The foundation is Jared William Kubasak Memorial Scholarship which provides Franklin County High School Seniors who have participated in the JROTC and that have been accepted into a college/university ROTC program.   Her friend was family and the Kupkakery is about family and God as long as she is being creative and making people’s imagination come to life with a taste they will remember she is going to keep baking. 

Desiree Smith

Running a bakery is not easy and there are always great times, who wouldn’t love getting paid to play with food. When it gets hard, and like any business it does.  A great support system like her parents, sister, Husband and employees by her side she will make it work.  When it gets hard the motto of the Kupkakery is “We’ll make it Work!”  Moving forward is only possible if you have people who believe in you and you believe in yourself.  Making people smile and being the one who makes it is in itself a great reason to keep going in hard times. 

Desiree Smith

When you go to the Kupkakery of course there are Kupkakes and Desiree’s’ favorites are hands down the éclair, peanut butter cup, banana pudding and strawberry swirl.  This is because they are the foundation and “if it looks too good to eat then she has achieved her goal”.  Now you may be wondering how she comes up with new flavors and that is made possible by God who leads her to see something and create a delicious kupkake.  The name follows and is like a label that connects you to the ingredients and tells you what it is.  According to Desiree, “It is kind of like a box of candy, when you have a name key you’re not guessing what you are biting into and more likely to try it”.    She is constantly coming up with something new and coming soon she will be adding new items to the menu so keep an eye out and go have a treat you might find your next favorite dessert flavor.  (I personally like the Sunday Morning Breakfast and the Ham and Swiss club is pretty awesome too!)

So next time you are looking for a good place to eat or a great place to get a sweet treat to make a friend smile why not stop into the Kupkakery and see what they have.  I promise you won’t be disappointed.  Take the time to try something new and be adventurous and see what you can discover.  Until next time go have a Kupkake.


You can contact the Kupkakery at:




140 Franklin St.

Rocky Mount, VA 24151

More information can be found about the Jared William Kubasak Memorial Scholarship at: 





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