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When you walk into a business and you see people doing what they do, do you ever wonder what gets them up every morning to do the career they choose?  Not everyone wants to be what they become to begin with; it seems like most people don’t even come close to becoming what they once dreamed of being.

This week I got the chance to sit down with Mandi Underwood Taylor, Lisa Robertson, Donna Estep and Karri Knight.

TaiBella Salon and Spa is located on Scruggs Road in Moneta, it was once known as Salon One and Spa.  January 1st, 2016 Salon One became known as taiBella even though Mandi purchased Salon One back in 2014 when the previous owner decided to sell. He stayed on for 1 year after selling the salon to Mandi and Lisa. The idea to own a salon was not Lisa or Mandi’s plan it just happened.  taiBella means beautiful in many different languages and when trying to decide what to name the salon to make it more personal Mandi dreamt of seeing a sign that said Welcome to taiBella and it stuck.  The reason Mandi decided to venture into owning a salon was because of her love for hair and fashion.  When she purchased the salon she kept the great staff because they are what kept the salon moving forward.  Also having her friend of over 30 years as a partner helped because she knew they were on the same page in the operation of the business. 

Together they tag team the business.  Mandi handles the business side while Lisa does customer service.  Mandi is currently in the cosmetologist apprenticeship program to gain more knowledge and be able to back the team if needed.  It also provides her with more of an understanding about the hands on part of the business.  For the first year of owning the salon Mandi stayed on the business side but has grown more interested in the customer service side of the business.  TaiBella salon and spa is also a retail supplier providing high quality products to salons and customers alike.  Every cosmetologist is self-employed at taiBella and leases their booth.  Therefore each one has their own style and technique they provide to their clients.  TaiBella also has services from a Natural Nail Tech, Health coach for mind body and soul, and an Estheticition for facials and skin care.  The ladies of taiBella work to provide a friendly, warm, clean and relaxing environment for customers and visitors.   Each one of the ladies at taiBella are driven by their love of meeting new people and working with each of their clients that come back every month to carry on the conversations they have from the week before.  If you have ever had a great connection with your stylist you know how easy is to talk while most of the time they just listen and provide a conversation most cannot relate to.

Now a little more about each of the ladies that make up taiBell.

Mandi doesn’t only own the salon she is also a newlywed, mother, foster parent and helps run her late husbands’ family cabinet business (Underwood Custom Cabinets).  Mandis’ favorite part is working with the clients new and old.  Constantly learning what is new and different in the business.  In the apprenticeship she has learned and mastered the art of washing hair.  She loves playing with the products and staying up to date on the new products that come to the market.  In the Salon and Spa world there is always room to grow. 


Lisa is the salon manager at taiBella and has always loved cosmetology.  Ever since she was little her mom used to take her to the beauty school and she dreamed of being a cosmetologist.  When the previous owner decided he wanted to sell she decided to see if Mandi was interested in purchasing the salon. Lisa enjoys working with the clients and the many people she meets.   

Donna Estep has been at taiBella since 2011.  Before coming to taiBella she owned Tropical T’s in Hurly, VA and then moved to Union Hall.  Donna, Lisa and the previous owner met at Good Look’s before moving to Salon One now taiBella.  Donna used to want to be a nurse but found the path to be too sad.  She wanted to make people feel happy and look good at the same time.  She finds hair happier and has always wanted to make people feel good while being creative. Donna loves working with the clients vs. just doing work.

Karri Knight Graduated from Syvayan Melloul International Hair Academy in November of 2015 and joined the taiBella family in January 2016.  She has always loved working with hair and wanted to be in the field since she was a little girl.  Her favorite part of being a cosmetologist is making people feel good when their hair looks good.  At taiBella she enjoys getting to know the people she works with and the diversity of people that come through the salon while on vacation. Karri finds working at the lake fun and laid back.

TaiBella is active in the community, always looking for ways to give back and is currently putting together a fundraiser for a gift basket for abused children.  Walk-ins are always welcome and the ladies are more than happy to make you feel right at home.  In the cosmetology world there is always a way to grow and learn and taiBella stays up to date on all the new information they can and strive to do the best for their clients.  I hope you all get a chance to swing by and experience the friendly service at taiBella Salon and Spa, while you’re at it check out the variety of salon products they offer.  I might even pick me up a couple the next time I drive to the lake.

Till Next time.  If you have any questions or would like more information comment below.  If you are looking for a salon near the lake for a weekend to relax you can find taiBella at:


taiBella Salon and Spa

400 Scruggs Rd. 

Suiet 400

Moneta, VA.  24121