Small Businesses Matter

Hi Everyone,

Well if you are visiting my blog you will notice I haven’t written about much.  This is because I could never think of anything meaningful to write about that might interest you.  After a year of trying to figure out what to blog about I have bounced an idea around and around and around.  Starting next week the idea will become a reality.  I have decided to jump right in and start a project that will hopefully interest anyone who is a member of the Franklin County Community as well as any tourist looking for great businesses to visit.  I have asked the members of Franklin County to provide me with small local businesses they love and would love to see featured in a blog. 

Wow! The response I got was better than I thought it would be.  Within 5 hours I received 72 business names.  Many of you may wonder what the point of this blog project is and well it is to put a spotlight on the small businesses and the owners that have made Franklin County what it is today.  I am only interviewing the owners who opened these businesses because I want to know why they chose the particular business to open.  Each business has to be open a minimum of 2 years and still be owned by the original owner.   I am going to be asking questions about the beginning of their journey.  What was their thought process of opening their business?  Why they chose the field/business they did? What is behind the name?  What was the purpose?  I am going to be getting the back story to how each business became what it is today to the community.  Every business has a story as does every owner. 

You as the consumer are why each of these businesses is still functioning today.  I hope you all will follow this blog and hopefully learn something new about the businesses you love.  Thank you all for your input and I am excited to investigate and show the behind the scenes of each one.  Some of the business that has already agreed to be featured include: the Kupkakery, Taibella Salon and Spa and Monica’s House Keepn.

Each blog will be posted every Friday.  So keep an eye out you might find your favorite business as the feature of the week.


Thank you and I am excited to start this project and meet some great and inspiring people.