What do you DO?

Have you ever prepared to take your toddlers pictures and the moment you push the button you get a motion picture where nothing can be made out in the picture?

Yeah,  I know that feeling of frustration.  As a mother my children are always on the move but I want to save those moments just as much as the posed, prim and proper moments.  So what do I do?  You see my children are not toddlers any more and though I am a photographer any photographer with children of their own will tell you their toughest subjects are their own family.  They know our tricks and love to challenge us.  So what do we do?  We find new solutions. To get the candid moments we catch them when they are caught up in something such as reading a book coloring watching t.v., playing in the dirt, or simply looking out the window at the rain falling like my daughter below.

candid moments

Crawlers are a different story completely because they have the new found adventures so catching them is a little more challenging.  What do you do? You get down to their level or pay peek-a-boo standing up.  In this image I used a light weight blanket and just draped it over Mr. Colton.  He like all 9 month old's slapped the blanket down. While his mommy dropped rose petals to keep his attention as well.  

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When it comes to the posed images I give toddlers something to do. Such as hide the coin, the jelly bean, smell the flowers, hug the teddy bear, catch the ball.  This gets them to sit still and look at me because they are hiding little things to make sure I can't see them with my camera.  It also keeps them interested in what I am doing when I am moving around because they want to make sure I don't see that trinket.  Over the years there have been many tricks I have tried and many can provide a unique image.  Take little Luna for example she wanted to be with her mommy but I really wanted to get her mommy a picture of her on her own so I had her smell the roses and then I let her tell me what she thought they smelled like.  Many times I find after having a child do something letting them tell you about it after you take the picture not only gets them to do as you ask but also creates a connection so they are willing to work with you more.

Ferguson Family Spring 2015

Another example would be for even younger children.  One's who do not verbalize yet but understand simple direction.  You see little Luke doesn't like to sit still but loves to be silly.  So how do you get a good picture of a little one who just wants to run but you want them to sit.  Bring in something for them to sit on.  Not only a seat but a penny.  Stick a penny on the chair and tell them hid the penny.  They will hid it long enough for you to take the picture but then they will show you the penny.  Making a game of taking pictures is great because all little ones love to play games.  Whether it is peak-a-boo or hide and seek with objects.

mr. smiles

So the next time you want to capture your child while they are little.  Try some of these tips.  I love candid moments during hid and seek.  You see your child will play games with you and love the interaction with you.  So next time you want to pull out the phone or camera and snap a picture turn it into a game.  Let them throw leaves in the air or sand.  Let them throw you the ball just count to three and go.  Hide and seek.  When they hid their eyes you catch them counting.  Even if it is a split second you will remember it with a picture.  Posed images do not have to be all that feel your photo albums. I do ask that you make sure to get those pictures printed because you never know when that electronic they are saved on is going to fail causing you to loose those precious moment.


So go have fun and save some moments!  If you found this helpful please comment below share your ideas and what you do? Then come on over to my Facebook page and follow me so you can be notified each time I share some helpful what do you do tips!