Every Story has a Beginning

Where did your story begin?

Every story has a beginning and grows over time.  Your story began with your parents and continues with you.  At a certain point you begin writing your own story but rely on the beginning your parents wrote for you.  When you are writing your own story you get to include illustrations in your story and as a photographer I get to help create those illustrations.  The best part for me is being the illustrator at the beginning of a new story.  What does your story look like and how is it illistrated for your children to look back on.  You know when you are writing a story many can be shared through pictures.  As in the case of the Mehmet sisters.  There story began filled with love and happiness and is captured to share in this little video.  

Their story began before me but the beauty and love they will share together was able to be captured and when they grow up they will be able to not only look back at the slideshow but also the beautiful portraits they parents invested in to share with them.  There is nothing more satisfying to me then giving families memories to hold and cherish for years to come.  Here is what their mom had to say about their session.  Their happiness warms my heart!

Melissa did a newborn/sibling shoot for us with my 8 day old and 5 year old daughters.
I couldn’t be more pleased with the interactions, the process, and the pictures! The pics of my girls warmed my heart and brought tears to my eyes.
The entire experience with Melissa was a pleasure. From the pre-picture consult, the photo shoot, and the ordering session. Each time was very personal and tailored to ensure we were getting exactly what we were looking for from the photos.
Melissa created a relaxing, stress-free environment that was enjoyable for me and fun for my kiddos.
Thank you for taking the time, Melissa, and for being so warm and kind to my family. The pictures were amazing and I can’t wait to share them with everyone and to hang them on my walls to enjoy for many years to come!
— ~ Kenna Smith

So how is your next chapter going to be illustrated?