Love is in Mommy's Arms!

Have you ever looked at your child and thought oh my goodness!  I can never imagine my life without you.  From the expressions they make, to the messes we get to clean up.  I know, because I look at my children all the time, and think this very thought multiple times a day.  There are days they drive me nuts, but when I take a moment to stop and look at their faces, even my 11 year old. I can not remember what life was before them, this is because they are my world.  I am sure little Colton's mommy feels this way as well.  When we neared the end of Colton's 9 month session I asked her to close her eyes, "Think back to the first moment you saw him and the way you felt", that moment of emotion is raw and at that moment I captured this image:

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Colton has no idea what the emotion are his mommy holds for him, or the love she holds in her heart for him, which grows each waking moment.  He doesn't know it right now, but she loves him more then he will ever know. Every session will have a moment where raw emotion is the goal. Outside of the posing and candid moments the emotion is what holds the key to our memories.  The best emotion during a newborn, infant or child's session is the emotion a mother or father expresses without knowing it for his/her child.  When we close our eyes and think about our babies no matter how old they are we can't help but feel it in our heart.  Try it when you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed.  Take a deep breath, close your eyes and think about your little one.  Think about their smile, laugh, how they find the joy in the small things.  Then think about what everything you are going through is for why you do it.  These are the moments we all share and cherish.  One day your children will look at the pictures from the beginning of their story and see the emotion and love you held for them at the beginning and understand.  Now, take a moment and enjoy Little Colton's moments that have been captured in slideshow and see the love he shares for his mommy and the joy he finds in the little things.  

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