The Benefit of Trying Something New!

Oh, My! The adventure of trying something new, if you follow my Facebook business Page at you probably saw a post last week that encouraged trying something new.  Well, I have taken my own advice.  As a creative person, when not taking pictures, I love to paint.  So, anyways last week I decided I wanted to try combining the two and start offering painted belly sessions.  Much to my surprise, there are some expectant mommy’s out there who are interested in trying something new.   For the first painted belly, I ordered the Proud Body Pregnancy Belly Painting Kit off, and I have to say I am very pleased with the way the paint worked and my first painted belly turned out.  Mama-to-be wanted an Easter egg belly, as her sweet baby Cielo is due within the next week.  I sketched out a few different ideas and this was her favorite.

 Misty Lagunes Family Session April 2017

Even if mama-to-be doesn't want to show her belly, there are creative ways around it.  Fabric makes a great option. My next painted belly, I had the privilege of photographing another sweet mama-to-be with the daddy-to-be, but she didn’t want to show her belly. 

Cami & Jeff April 2017

I love getting creative, and being able to offer something different to making each session special.  She still got a painted belly, just not in the same way.  No skin showing can still be fun!  I took both parents favorite teams, painted them on a stretchy white fabric, and had my daughter use her little hands to make baby feet.  
I will post the final picture of the sports belly after the 3rd.  I don’t want to ruin the reveal of this special picture so keep an eye out for the update. 

painted belly idea

I believe each family has a right to have something different and unique about their sessions.  To do this I like to customize each session and make something unique to the family.  Whether you want painted belly, include heirloom items, or have an idea of your own.  A picture needs to tell a story and some meaning.


So during your last photography session for you or your family what is something you did to make it special and unique?  What did your photographer do that made it different and meaningful?  Share in the comments below I would love to hear your stories!  If you love this post please comment, like and share with your friends.