How do you Balance it all?

Well, I missed last week due to the germs infesting my family.  There is nothing like having to drop everything and change your schedule to do family matters.  Getting back on track is one of the hardest parts of trying to balance everything.  As a wife, mother, and entrepreneur there is little time for me to relax.  I spend many nights up til 3 am and getting back up at 6 am to wake up my babies for school.

There is not enough time in a day to get everything done and some things do get put on the back burner such as housework.  I have to admit dusting is one of the farthest things on my to do list.  I love dusting as it takes a little effort but when you have to choose between dishes to eat on or dusting I believe the food surface is more important to clean.  So how do I balance everything?

1.  My children are required to pick up some of the slack around the house as they are old enough to clean up after themselves.  Yes, it would be nice if they helped out a without me asking them to do the work.  No, they do not get an allowance for chores as I believe they live here, they eat here and they make the majority of the mess they can help clean it.

2.  I schedule everything by the hour for what needs to be done and what can be put off till later. Consultations are at lunch time and sessions are in the morning or afternoon.  Kids do homework as soon as they get home and then we can have fun.  When they are doing homework I try to respond to e-mails.

3. I plan my menu at least a week ahead of time and I am currently trying to teach my oldest how to cook so he can help in the dinner preparation.  This doesn't only help me but it is a life skill I believe he needs for when he gets older.

4.  When it comes to marketing I try to only spend 1 evening a week creating and scheduling the posts so I don't have to worry about it anymore.

5. When it comes to school events, if they aren't planned out I don't attend them unless I have 1 weeks notice and all three don't have to have me at the same time.  I want to keep it fair so if each class has a party at 1:45 I don't attend it because I cannot divide my time evenly. If it is something important to my children like a play or award ceremony I will attend last minute. Yes, if I get called during the day I am able to move my schedule around as my family is my #1 priority and business comes after.

6. When it comes to time for myself,  I have that scheduled in as well for during the day.  I Struggle with following through and end up using this time to clean the house. 

7.  I plan my family time as well to make sure my children and husband are getting my time as well and we are able to create memories together as well.

I will admit not everything gets done when I want it to and that is ok.  As long as the important things are taken care of I accept the delays in some things not getting done like dusting and yard work.

So how do you balance all the things in your life and still find time for you?  Share in the comments below.