Spring Break!!!!!!!

Oh No! Spring Break is here what am I going to do.  I have kids home all week and this means my schedule is all messed up.  Are you with me on this. I know some of you will not have this issue as your little ones will be off to daycare, grandma/grandpas, or where ever thy go while you go to work.  Then there are those who work from home and have to try to balance your time with your children and your work.  So what have I done?

childrens photographer

You guessed it I have planned ahead.  You see I have all my marketing scheduled out so I don't have to work my brain while they are home.  I did, however forget they have spring break this week and schedule not only a session but a meeting for this week.  So what am I going to do? Well, I have planned out the week to be able to get everything ready and luckily they are both planned for Friday so my children will be ready for a break from me.  Daddy will be home so I won't have to worry about who is going to watch them that day but prep for the session will take my time away from them.  So are you ready, I am going to share with you how I am able to work from home with my children home.

1. They have a list of chores they must complete in the morning before they even get to turn on the television. 

2. They must read for at least 20 minutes and since nobody is watching the clock they can easily get lost in a book for at least an hour.

3. They have to each complete 1 page of math and 1 page of history. I found these sites to be helpful



4. Once they have done the math and history page they can watch 1 cartoon.

5. After the cartoon is should be lunch time so they will get me I will make lunch and eat lunch with them then back to work I go. They have to clean up their dirty dishes and do any chores that do not meet my quality and return to reading for 20 minutes.

6. After reading If I am not done with what I need to do for the day then they go outside and play til I am done.  If it is raining they get to play their video games.

7. After I am finished then we get to have fun.  My most productive time is morning so by 1 I am ready to leave the office.

This will only be 1 to 2 days of their break.  The remainder of their break I will have time with them doing fun things like going hiking assuming the weather is nice, going to the playground, a trip to the library where they spend 3 hours choosing the books they want to read.  We might take a trip to the zoo, art museum or art museum, and maybe go to the archade.  Most the outings depend on their behavior for the first part of the day.  This is how I work when my children are out of school.  Of course my summer schedule is much different and filled with less sleep.