Remembering Your Hobbies

Everyone has a different idea of fun and find different ways to relax.  When you spend most your time working do you ever try to find time to do what you love and focus on your hobby or do you get so tired you just don’t have the energy to focus on you at the end of the day? What about when your hobby is also your job just in a different form.

 Ms. T Spring Break 2017

Here lately I have been focusing so much on what others want from me and forgetting about what I love doing.  I had started to feel like I was loosing myself so much I began wishing I could shoot for me but feeling lost in my art.  I love all styles of art, from visiting museums, building architecture, dance, reading, etc...  The best part of loving art is being able to create works of art using different mediums.  I love my job as I am a photographer, but I get to spend very little time in my business doing what I love.  Most of my time when working is spent either processing the pictures I take, creating marking, customer relations, human resources, bookkeeping, shipping and receiving, secretary, designer and much more.  Only about 5% of my job is spent behind the camera. 

rocky mount, va. photographer

Don’t get me wrong customer relations is a favorite as I get to meet new people and take get to know them and their family in more depth than a simple conversation in order to create a piece of art custom to their family.  There is nothing like creating an amazing portrait of a new life that brings a mother or grandma to tears when they see it for the first time.

Newborn & Children's Portrait Photographer

So what do I do to keep from getting burnt out and not enjoying my hobby or my job?  I photograph different genres to create art, I paint a picture, or I do a craft.  These past couple weeks I was forced to take some time off and just sit for health reasons, so once I got the chance to pick up my camera again, I focused on what I enjoy doing the most as a hobby.

Not every form of my art has to be focused on my business, sometimes it is difficult to separate the business from the hobby.  When I shoot for fun I don’t charge the subjects as this is what I enjoy to do and I love sharing those moments with others.  Not only do I love to photograph people, but I also love to watch horses run and let loose, what is better than to combine the two. 

 Horse show

This past Saturday I attended the Franklin County Equestrian Club kickoff for the 2017 Turn and Burn series at Stone Ridge Stables in Wirtz, VA.  Of course, I took my camera and this is when I got the chance to focus on my hobby.  My family was with me and enjoying the day with me sharing in what I love to do.  It is amazing how a couple hours can help regenerate one's energy.  Also sometimes it is hard to share what I love with those around me.  Though they are not interested in the photography they did enjoy the show.  Most of the time they would rather stay home so it was nice to have them there with me.

 Horse show

Here are some of my favorite pictures from the event.

So if your hobby is the same as your career don't forget to separate the two and find a way to focus on doing what you love for you.  Always remember who you are and why you love what you do. 

I would love to know what you enjoy and why?  Do you focus on your hobbies or does life just pass you by? Do you share your hobby with your family or keep it to yourself?