The Book! (Chapter 1)

     Ok if you have read my, "about me" page you might have seen that I once wanted to be a writer.  I have actually been working on a book for the past 3 years and well since I never know what to blog about, I have decided every week I am going to take a chapter and share it here.  this is Chapter 1.  I promise it is not great, do not read it if you get offended easily.  I am sure you will find tones of grammar and spelling errors, but that is why I am not a writer!  I hope you enjoy and give your opinion, in the comments.

Picture just because!

Picture just because!

Chapter 1


     As the sun rises over the horizon and the dew settles on the leaves outside. Valarie rolls out of bed and sets her warm bare feet on the ice cold wood floor, ignoring the phone ringing on the nightstand, she glances at the clock.  Stumbling to the window she looks out at the delicate pinks and oranges as they stretch across the horizon blending into the dark blue starry sky and yanks the curtains shut to dim the light.  The phone rings on the end stand again.   “Damn it! doesn’t anybody sleep at this time in the morning” she mumbles as she makes her way back to her warm bed she lets the calls go to voice mail. 

          Later that morning the phone rings again.  “Hello”.

          It’s her friend, Crystal, “Want to go out this evening for a few hours?”

          “No, I have too much work to do tonight; I should probably try to get some sleep tonight after I finish these case files.  I didn’t sleep well and the stupid phone wouldn’t shut up this morning around 5.”

          “Who was calling you that early?  Everyone who knows you, knows you go to sleep no earlier than 2 a.m.?”

          “I don’t know, I let the calls go to voice mail and went back to bed.  I didn’t bother checking the voice mails.   It was too early for me to think.  I guess I should go ahead and check, might have been important.”

          “While since it wasn’t me you should check.  Call me if you change your mind.  I was thinking dinner and a movie maybe, Thai”

          “Ok, talk to you later”.

          Valarie Checked the voice mail and was surprised to hear her lovely boyfriends’ voice on the other end.  Last she knew he was being stationed overseas to do some type of humanitarian work.  The message stated he was on his way back to the states and would be arriving around 10 that night.

          “Shit, of course why could he not decide to come home when I have nothing to get done?  Now I have to figure out what I am going to wear.  I will call Crystal she will know what to do.”


          “Yeah did you change your mind, are you coming with me tonight?”

          “Yes and No, I need you here now it’s an emergency.  Grant is coming in tonight and I had no idea.  He is the reason my phone was ringing off the hook at sunrise, he will be here at 10.  I need an emergency makeover.  It’s been over a year since we have seen each other and I want to be knock out gorgeous when he walks off that ship.”

          “Girl, you know he won’t care what you are wearing because the minute he gets off the ship you will be finding a room and clothes will no longer be the issue.”

          “That may be true, but I want to remind him of what he has been missing all these months, so get your ass over here and help me out, you know I would do the same for you”.

          “Yeah I know, you would have been here 20 minutes ago”.

          “Damn straight” as the doorbell rings.

          Valarie hangs up the phone as she opens the door to Crystal on the other side.

          “See just like I am for you.  Did I have you worried?”

          “No, I knew you would come.  You are saving my life, and I owe you more then you know.”

          Crystal and Valarie head to the bed room to raid Valarie’s closet and see what they can come up with last minute that is sexual, sensual, and jaw dropping.  The closet holds a variety of club dresses, office attire for every day law disputes and in the far back Crystal spots a mid-thigh length plum crushed velvet empire wasted spaghetti strap dress with a black floor length chiffon overskirt.  She pairs it with a pair of Cinderella glass slipper style 3” heels.

          While Valarie gets changed Crystal grabs a sheer knit shawl and some simple tear drop dangle earrings.

          Valarie puts her hair up in a French twist with some ringlets of hair down the sides to frame out her tear drop shaped face.  With a little shimmering green eye shadow to draw out the green in her eyes and a light rose lip balm in place she walked out of the bathroom and rounds the corner to view herself in the full length mirror in the hall.  Crystal starts walking down the hall and spots Valarie looking in the mirror.

          “Girl you are drop dead gorgeous.”

          “What time is it?  I don’t want him to think I didn’t get his message.”

          “Don’t panic you have just enough time to get there.  While you go get him I will use my skills in the kitchen and make you a dinner to die for.  Go get your man girl.”