The Book (Chapter 2)

I hope you had a chance to read chapter one last week.  If you didn't it is still available.


Chapter 2

 While Valarie was gone, Crystal sautéed some mushrooms, sweet red peppers, and sugar snap peas, in some browned butter.  Then seared a slab of salmon and placed it over a bed of rosemary rice.  Once the vegetables were sautéed she placed them around the bed of rice and prepared a sweet mango salsa to top the salmon.

Once the food was plated she set the table for two, got a bottle of wine out of the wine cooler and lit two candles.  As she places the last wine glass on the table, Valarie walks through the door in tears.

“What’s wrong?, where’s Grant, I thought you were going to pick him up?”

“I got to the station and there were patrol officers everywhere.  I looked everywhere for Grant and as I was about to give up I saw him.  He was being placed under arrest by a Naval Commanding officer.”

“Did you find out what was going on?”

“No, they wouldn’t let me talk to him and because I am not family, they wouldn’t tell me anything.”

“We will figure this out.  I am sure they will let him place one call and it will be to you.  Did he see you were there.”
          “Oh! Crystal what am I going to do.  I think he saw I was there but he didn’t look like he knew what was going on.”

“Do you have any of his families’ phone numbers or a way to contact them and let them know what is going on, so they can find out what is going on and get some answers.”

“No, we never talked about his family.  I was supposed to meet them the day before he departed, but we decided to spend our last night together here at home.”

“Honey, it will be okay.  Let’s eat since this was supposed to be your dinner let’s not let it go to waste.”

“Crystal, I am not in the mood to eat.  I am devastated how you could think about food right now.”
          “While let’s see, it is 11:30 at night and I haven’t eaten since 1 as I was supposed to be going to see a movie and eating Thai food tonight with a friend.  But instead, I came over here helped you get ready to go out and made a lovely dinner for you and your boyfriend who come to find out isn’t going to be here to eat it.”

“I’m sorry I didn’t mean for you to waste your time helping me out.  I know you had better things to do, but I thought I was asking my friend for help.”
          “I thought I was helping my friend.  Since you are going to act like this because your man gets himself into trouble I am going to go.  Call me when you come to your senses and want to have a sensible conversation on how to solve the problem.  I hope you do enjoy your dinner.”

“Good I need to be alone anyways I have work to get done before tomorrow.   I also plan on trying to get some answers.”

Crystal impatiently walks out of the house and heads down the driveway before stopping as an idea of what was going on came to mind.  Something didn’t seem right.  Valarie stated the last thing she knew Grant had been stationed overseas for the past year, but she never heard Valarie say anything about him contacting her or any discussions since he left about what was going on.  Crystal turns around and starts back up the driveway and stomps up the steps.  Valarie meets her at the door with a puzzled look paired with streaks of eye make-up running down her face.

“Valarie, I need to talk to you, I think something doesn’t sound right things aren’t adding up.”

“What do you mean something doesn’t sound right.”

“You showed up to pick Grant up and he was being placed under arrest.  Didn’t he just come back from being stationed overseas?  Over the past year, we haven’t really talked about him.  You haven’t mentioned any contact from him and I would think as your friend I would be the first one you would tell if he called.  I would notice a change in your mood or something.  You haven’t even mentioned him until he called today.  When was the last time you heard from him before today.”

“I don’t know maybe 5 months.  I stopped keeping track because I knew where he was there wasn’t very good phone service so I didn’t really expect frequent phone calls.”

“While maybe he got into some trouble and decided to take off instead of facing the consequences of his actions.  Where did he get stationed again?”

“Overseas.  He never told me exactly where I assumed Africa or somewhere like that.  He told me that he would call me when he could.”

“Don’t you find that odd he didn’t want you to know where he was going?”

“No, being in a relationship I trust him that is part of being together and loving someone.”

“That may be, but something doesn’t add up.  Did he say he wanted you to pick him up when he arrived tonight on the message he left you?”
          “No, he just said he was coming back tonight and would be arriving at 10.  Then he told me he would call me later since I was probably sleeping.”

  I am tired now, you can either crash on the couch or head home.  We can figure this out in the morning.  Maybe he will call me tomorrow.  You are right though none of it adds up.”

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