The Book (Chapter 3)

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sunset rocky mount va.

Chapter 3

The next morning Valarie and Crystal got up around 5:30 and met on the front porch while watching the sunrise and listening to the world awaken around them.  While watching the curling and twisting steam rising from the hot cup of coffee in Crystal's hand she broke the peaceful silence and pulled Valarie out of her train of thought at the same time.  Knowing her thoughts were lost on what was going on and what she saw happening to Grant last night.
“The sun sure doesn’t like to let people sleep, does it?  It is as annoying as the phone ringing in your room this morning.”
“What do you mean, the phone ringing this morning?  I didn’t hear it ring.”
“Yeah, your phone was going nuts again this morning, since I couldn’t sleep through it and you didn’t seem to be budging I made coffee and came out here to think.”
“Maybe it was Grant calling again. Did you bother to answer it?”
“No, it was in your room.  I don’t go in your room and I don’t answer your phone you know that.”
“I will check my voicemail after breakfast since I didn’t eat last night my stomach is turning.  What are you hungry for?  I have bagels, cereal, eggs, yogurt, and fruit.  I don’t feel like cooking so if you want something fancy maybe you should do the cooking.”
    “What kind of cereal? It’s not that nasty healthy bran stuff is it.”
    “No, I picked up some fruit loops this week.  But after I got home they didn’t seem as appealing.”
“While I will put a hurting on them, it’s not cocoa puffs or anything but they are sweet.”
“Ok help yourself.  I have a few calls to make for work then I am going to focus on figuring out what is going on with Grant.”
“I am here if you need my help with anything.  I have already called in for personal leave so I can be here for you.”
“You are the best, but I will be fine.  You were right last night something doesn’t add up.  Grant should have told me where he was being stationed.  I wanted to write him so many times but without an address, I couldn’t.  I am not sure I knew him as well as I thought I did.,  Am I naive to let someone get close?”
“No, if you don’t let people get close how are you supposed to make your dreams come true.  You dream of a family and coming home to someone that loves you.  If you don’t trust people that will never happen.  You know I am right, on the other hand, not everyone can be trusted there are horrible people in this world.”
    “Yeah I know, maybe it will get better. There has to be a reasonable explanation about this situation.”
    “Where do you want to start?  So far we have: Grant being sent overseas to who knows where to do humanitarian work, he calls you but doesn’t provide you a phone number or address to contact him, he calls out of the blue yesterday morning to let you know he is on his way home and will be here at 10, he arrives and is placed under arrest.  You never got to meet his family so you have no way to let them know he has been arrested and the police won’t let you talk to him. Did I forget anything?”
    “That is pretty much the recap of what we have to start with.  Where to start I guess would be checking my voicemail to see who called me, then I guess figuring out where he was sent.”
    “Well, then we better get started.  I will do some research and see if there is anything on the news for the past couple of days that has happened overseas.”
“Ok.  Let me know what you find out.”
    Valarie checks her voicemail and as she suspected it was Grant calling.
“Hi Val, I just thought I would call to let you know I made it in safely.  I am sorry I keep missing you.  I hope you are doing ok.  Maybe we can get together tonight and have dinner.  Well, call me back if you get a chance.  You can reach me at home around 4 today.  I have a few things I have to do today.”
    “Hey Crystal that calls this morning that woke you up it was Grant.  Apparently, he is home and wants to have dinner tonight.  He didn’t mention anything about being placed in custody last night.  I guess he didn’t see me when I went to meet him.  What should I do? Should I call him and act as I know nothing or should I call him and confront him?”
    “Do you really want to know what I think you should do or are you asking a rhetorical question?”
    “I really want to know what you think I should do.”
    “I think you should go meet him and act as you didn’t see anything.  See if he brings it up or tells you anything.  Maybe it’s nothing but I also think you should try to get some answers from him without being obvious.”
    “Will you help me get ready again?  Should I wear what I wore last night again or should I wear something different in case he did see me but didn’t recognize me.”
    “I think you should wear that blue dress you have with the swooping neckline and A-line waist.  Show some leg but not too much.  Pair it with your black shawl.  Maybe also wear your pink pearl necklace the one that fits you almost like a choker and your silver dangle earrings.”
    “How can you remember everything I have in my closet and jewelry box when I don’t know half of what I have?  Maybe I should worry about you helping me pick out outfits, but I don’t think I would be able to leave this house in anything other than suites if I didn’t have you to help me.  Maybe I should put you on a salary as my personal stylist.”
    “To be honest maybe you should let me borrow some of your stuff and then I won’t have to be on your salary as a stylist because I wouldn’t need to buy any new clothes. You have some gems in there that I would love to own but borrowing those works just as well for me.  Also, I remember because it is the things that I would wear on a date that I remember the most and they work for you too.”
    “If you promise to return the stuff in the same shape you borrow it, help yourself if you don’t those gems as you call them probably won’t be worn anyway.  Between the office and home, I really don’t have anywhere else to wear the stuff, but it looks so good on the rack.  Back to the subject at hand, I am going to go call Grant.”
    “Grant, yeah I would love to go out for dinner tonight.  We have so much to catch up on.  What time should I be ready and where do you want to meet. Ok, see you there sounds good.  Bye.”
    “Very cool well played I actually believed that you didn’t know anything.  So what time do you need to be ready by and where are we going.”
    “I have to be ready in two hours, and there is no “we”.  I am going on my own.  I will fill you in when I get home.”
    “No girl I don’t trust him.  You haven’t seen him in a year and he didn’t even think to let you know about last night.  You really think I am going to be letting you go on your own.  What if he is a killer on the run?”
    “If he was a killer do you think they would have released him?  How serious could his crime be if he is back on the streets today?  He probably just had to give a report about his humanitarian work, like a debriefing.”
    “Don’t be naïve.  Something sounds fishy about the way he has been acting.  You are my best friend and I am not about to let you get hurt.”
    “I know you are worried about me but I am a big girl.  I can take care of myself.  I tell you what, you stay in the area but don’t let him see you.  Go shopping or something and be on call.”
    “Ok, but you better call me if you need me.  I will have my phone if you need me pretend it rang or you have to use the bathroom if something starts to go awry.”
“Ok but I think we may have been just overreaction a little.  Let’s get me ready for this little outing so I’m not late.  Don’t want him to get suspicious.”