I Am Going to Get Real!

***Caution the Future Blog Posts May Offend or Bore You!***

So I have neglected my blog for months for the simple reason I am a private person and never know what to write about. Then I realized recently that I keep hearing the terms you have to create a connection and be real with people before they will want to work with you. People want to know you and your story. For the past 5 years I have done blog posts off and on and recently I started posting sessions but what does that tell you? Look at my pretty pictures! But where am I connecting with you, what am I saying that makes you want to ask me questions or start a conversation? Spots I struggle with is connecting due to personal reasons that you will learn over time. I am going to start getting real and you are going to start learning about my past and what made me choose photography as my career. My blog is going to be my voice to you as a photographer and a person. I am also going to get real about running a photography business alone! You probably are not going to like some of what I have to say or even be interested, but I want to be real and some of you might find it interesting. I want you to know the dirty truth behind the scenes from the emotional to the financial reality. The biggest misconceptions about the job and how you can help not only me but other small businesses. I will be writing a post every week and it will post on Wednesdays!