Baby Linenthal!!

There is nothing like meeting amazing people and being able to give them the gift of memories! I had the joy of working with Mr. & Mrs. Linenthal this past week and meeting with their beautiful baby girl. I knew after I spoke with both Aaron and Cindy on the phone before their design session we would be the perfect fit. Not only because they love my work but because they are such sweet people. During their design session we discussed what they were looking for from their session and the more we talked the more excited I got to create these images because I had the perfect ideas in mind. To top it off I am no longer the only Michigan fan (GO BLUE!!) I promise if you aren’t a Michigan fan I won’t hold it against you. I love creating team rivalery pictures and the Michigan vs. Mississippi was fun to create and now we have to wonder which team she will cheer for in the coming years!! If you are excited to see the outcome go ahead and scroll on down. Tell me at the end what your favorite is and if you are considering booking a session give me a call I would love to sit down and talk with you.