What is the difference between a mini session and a full session?


You may have noticed I offer mini-sessions throughout the year and you may be hesitant to schedule one or book a full session so you move onto the next photographer because you don’t know which one you want. You know you want to get pictures done but how do you decide?

Do you compare price, product, and setup?

There are so many things to consider right. So here is a breakdown of the difference between the mini sessions and full session experience and behind the price!


Mini Sessions:

Are less than 20 minutes in length and we create a max of 15 different images.

Are a simple theme based on the season such as Fall, Summer Nights, Back to School, Dog Days of Summer

A large portion of the proceeds is donated back to non-profit organizations throughout Franklin County from Franklin County Animal Shelter to Stepping Stones Mission.

Do not include an in-person design session or on-call assistance to prepare for your session

Only offer an online gallery for you to purchase additional prints and products from your session with no assistance.

Products available are 11x14 and smaller with some gift options

Products are inspected and delivered to you at a designated meeting location

Mini Sessions are convenient

Celebrating the unconditional love.
Perdue Family Pictures at Franklin County Rec Park

 Full Sessions:

Are at least 60 minutes in length and I can create as little as 100 different images great for building an Album.

Are customized to you and your family from clothing, location, date/time, heirlooms and props.

Include an in-person design session, on-call prep assistance, clothing ideas, welcome basket/bag, Printed Welcome Pack with Full Pricing Guide and walk-through guides.

Include an in-person ordering session 1 week after your session with printed proofs and a slideshow of memorable moments that will touch your heart and assistance in deciding when you love two similar images.


Print options include fully finished large wall art, custom albums, gift prints and custom boutique items in a variety of premium finishes.

Your finished pieces are inspected for quality, beautifully wrapped, and delivered to your door by me at a set date/time based on your schedule and hanging service is provided upon request.

10% of every session is donated to a local non-profit at the end of the year.

Full Sessions are an Experience you can only imagine!

These are just a couple of the differences between a Mini Session and a Full Session with Mindful Light Photography. Which is right for you and your family!

 If you have any questions please feel free to contact me either by phone or e-mail!

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