Reasons Why I am Not the Photographer for You!!!!

Let me begin by saying this post is not for everyone. I want to tell you I am a soft spoken person with a pretty easy going personality but there are just some pet peeves that can make a session go wrong and I try to prepare everyone for what to expect but not everyone understands why.  I am a classic/candid portrait photographer who provides professionally printed products to my clients.  My prices are set to cover costs of not only running a business, paying taxes, insurance and travel but also to support my family if anything happens to my husband’s income.  On average I have to bring in at least 2,000 a week to cover everything

1.      You only desire 1 picture and no interest in the process in creating the image!

Why: Every session with me is going to include more than one picture being taken and working with me for more than 10 minutes to get you comfortable in front of the camera so you will love your picture even if you only want to purchase 1 picture!

 2.      You only want digital files you can take to Walmart, CVS, or kiosk and print in lower quality because it is less!

Why: When you work with me my end goal is to get quality professional printed pieces that meet artistic vision in your hand that you can see and enjoy every day and the quality will last for generations.

 3.      You want an online gallery so you can screenshot the images and print them out because you see my prices as too expensive.

Why: When you work with me you are not only receiving a picture printed on a material you are receiving an experience and a skill level.  You are purchasing art and photography is my full time career it is a business this is how I put food on my table and pay my bills.  I only offer online galleries for mini session and those are watermarked!

 4.      You want a cookie cutter session that you can receive your images the same day and stuff them in a drawer to never be seen again.

Why: When you work with me you have an ordering session 1 week after your session then depending on the products you order it can take between 2 and 6 weeks for them to arrive (usually 3).  I provide quality products from Award Winning Professional Print Labs whose work is guaranteed.  My 3 main labs have been in business for at least 40 years and everything is hand crafted and customized to you.

 5.      You want to hire a photographer but then refuse to follow the directions leading up to your session for the session to be as fun and relaxing as possible!          

Why:  You are hiring me for a reason and from experience I know what will be needed on your part to create images you will fall in love and share with family and friends.  You don’t want your toddler throwing a fit before your session or you and your spouse arguing beforehand it will show in your pictures and that is what you will remember from that day.  So there are steps to get everyone excited and relieve you of the stress on picture day.  If you are stressed I am stressed and that makes for a bad experience for everyone!

 6.      You are looking for a wedding photographer!

Why: I have done weddings in the past and the stress and anxiety I have working with large groups of adults is not for me.  After the wedding I am more than happy to do a family session, newborn session or birthday events, but weddings are not for me!  I am happy to refer you to a wedding photographer who can better serve your needs based on price point, products, and quality)

 7.      You don’t plan to share your experience with friends and family.   

Why: Your referrals to friends and Family is how I stay in business.  If you love your experience and you want your friends and family to have beautiful family pictures they will love why not tell them all about your session from design to delivery and please tell me if there is anything I could have done differently to make your session better as this is the only way I can improve.

 8.      You plan to have your children’s pictures taken, but you haven’t taught your children how to respect others and follow direction.  You feel they are just being kids!!!!                  

Why:  I am a mother and I have had sessions where I have had to work with children with disabilities, autism, anxiety, adhd, ect.  There is just being a child and then there is being out right disrespectful.  I do not let a title determine if a child is respectful. Respect is taught and if your child will not respect you they will not respect anyone in life.  If at any point during your session your child refuses to listen to you or me, puts themselves or others in danger, doesn’t respect the property we are holding your session on, or is just plain out rude to me and you do nothing but look the other way I will have a short talk with them, but they are only allowed one shot.  If it continues I will end the session and there will be no reshoot. 

 9.      You get offended easily. 

Why: I am not the photographer if you get offended easily as I am not going to sugar coat anything.  I might bite my tongue but that will only happen for so long. I do try to keep politics out of my business.   I was exposed to truckers growing up so my sense of humor is a little ridged and I have three children so burp and fart jokes are my go too!  If you expect me to be politically correct I am not your photographer!

 10.   You don’t see value in the price you pay for my services, skills or products.              

Why: I will not negotiate on price.  The prices are set based on my expenses, skills, and cost of products.  In order to make an income to support my family my prices have to be set to cover my business cost, taxes, insurance, travel expenses, education, as well as my home expenses of food, electric, mortgage ect..  Would you go to work for 40 hours a week and only make $400 before taxes?

 11.   If you feel a professional should show up wearing makeup hair and nails done and dressed fancy, I am not the photographer for you.

Why: I get it first impressions are important but I am a country girl high maintenance isn’t in my blood.  Plus, in my profession sometimes you are on the run all day for meetings or crawling around on the ground with no idea what you might lay in or sit in.  When you meet me I am more than likely going to have my hair in a bun or ponytail no makeup on and wearing a t-shirt with jeans and boots.  The day of your session I will be wearing a baggy t-shirt, sweat pants, and tennis shoes with a messy bun and again no makeup.  I am a believer of come as you are and dress in what feels comfortable.  I find makeup to be a hassle when it runs all over when you sweat and jewelry gets in my way.  I never know what I am going to lay in so there is no need in dressing nice to crawl around on the ground.

 12.   If you want all classic stiff poses I am not the photographer for you!

Why: Yes I do pose you and your family for pictures but the emotion and real belly laughs not paying attention to me are my favorite moments.  I will pose you and do the classic portrait but then I will prompt your or a family member to do something and it will cause a reaction.  Then the content moments of though and relaxed expression these are the simple moments that just stop my heart.  These are the moments I shoot for so if you are looking for the standard studio session where everyone is seated and posed with a yearbook smile I am not your photographer!!!

So there it is,  if you don’t like what I have to say then you are probably not the client for me.  If you can relate and understand what I am talking about without feeling offended then by all means please give me a call I would love to work with you!.

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