Who Am I?

Who am I?

That is one of the hardest questions to answers!

The simple answer is my name, but what does my name tell you about who I am. Really, There are thousands of Melissa Carter’s out there but we are all different. Our names are what we are called but do they define who we are? My name does not define me, so Who am I?

To answer this question I have to look at myself and figure out what makes me unique! What are my quarks? I could give the vague answer of My name is Melissa Carter mother of three bright children and loving husband that puts up with my moody personality for 14 years and photographer of life. Again what does this really tell you about who I am?

Carter, Melissa (Me)

In reality, it tells you nothing about who I am but more about what I do? So who am I?

I am the person in the back of the room with my hands in my pockets observing all the commotion. I am the shy speaker who stumbles to stand up when put on the spot. I lack confidence in myself as well as my skills though I am reminded constantly that I am good at what I do. I am the generous one who will help you out with no questions asked in hopes you will pay it forward in the future. I am the volunteer who does not want to be in the spotlight but wants to give back as much as possible. I am the good samaritan who will stop at the scene of an accident before public safety arrives to make sure everyone is ok and see where I can help. I am an art lover though I don’t remember the name of the artist admire the work. I am more than happy to spend hours at a museum instead of being in a movie theater. When given the choice between reading an educational book or watching television I choose the educational book. I struggle with pride when it comes to asking for help and in turn, I end up worse off than before. I am the parent who constantly second guesses my decisions from when to take my children to the doctor or if I am too strict. I even wonder on a daily basis if I am the right person for the job. In the end, I am the person many will not notice and probably will never be remembered by name but I hope I touch many lives in my journey on this earth. I work hard to be invisible for fear of being seen. But I find joy in helping others see themselves and their families through my eyes.

The simple question of who I am can be simple or complex but our story is constantly changing as who we are is constantly evolving.

Now you know who I am who are you?