Children’s Sessions

(45-Minute Half Session)

You will receive a Full Service Boutique Style Experience. From session design to product delivery we will work together to create an experience that will showcase your child’s truly unique essence. I will do all the work and you will be able to just take a breath, sit back and relax. Your child will spend 45 minutes being proud of who they are and enjoy being in the spotlight!

Session Fee is $199

The creative fee includes an in-person welcome meeting over coffee/tea at a local coffee house or at your home. You will receive a welcome packet, on-call prep assistance, experienced photographers time & creative skills, photographers travel, a customized 45-minute session on-location, professional lite retouching of images, in-home ordering session, printed proofs, personal delivery of beautifully packaged products, & hanging service if needed.

Collections & Prints Start at $69

Digital Collections start at $1399 with three collection options. Each includes digital files, matching gift prints and a memory case to protect your investment.

Create Your Own Print Collections Start at a minimum of $199. Finished Wall Art and Albums Starts at $899 and Gift Prints start at $69. Choose as little or as much as you want based on your photography needs.

How to Prepare!

Food & Drinks:

Please make sure to feed your child a good breakfast the morning of the session as we will burn off a lot of energy and a hungry belly can make a cranky session. Please avoid sodas and sweet foods before the session as nobody has fun when the sugar runs out. I will bring water and snacks for after the session.

Preparing your Child:

In the days leading up to your child’s session if you act excited and tell them what to expect. Tell them they are going to meet someone new and that it is ok to talk to me. This will let them know that I am a safe person. Tell them I will offer them goodies and it is ok to accept them. Reinforce that you are excited and that they are going to have so much fun. We will be able to capture the images you are hoping for and have less chance of a fit or bout of fear. I will go into more detail at your design session.

What to Wear:

Choose outfits your child feels amazing in that show off their style and what they love to do. Not prints or patterns larger then their fist as we want your child to be the focus not their clothing. Not pictures/logos on clothing. If doing patterns plaid is good and vertical or diagnil lines are most favorable. Choose natural or light colors and avoid bright colors as they will cast onto the skin. When choosing shoes go with comfortable dress shoes or clean tennis shoes as we will move around during their session.

Hair & Makeup:
Wash your child’s hair the night/day before. Style it if you wish before the session. Please avoid makeup for children under the age of 12 as we want to encourage them to love who they are and their natural beauty.

We will go over more at your Design Session!