Maternity Sessions

Maternity Sessions are included when you book your newborn session between34 and 38 weeks of gestation. Your session will take place an outdoor location within 15 miles of Rocky Mount, VA., and last between 30 and 45 minutes. You will view your printed proofs at your newborn ordering session.

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Newborn Sessions

Saving the little button noses, squishy cheeks and itty bitty fingers & toes! As time passes quickly and they will be grown before you know!

You will enjoy a relaxing in home newborn session after you welcome your precious baby home. I do all the work while you kick your feet up and enjoy a delicious treat!

Session Fee is $499

The creative fee includes an in-person welcome meeting over coffee/tea at a local coffee house or at your home. You will receive a welcome packet, on-call prep assistance, experienced photographers time & creative skills, photographers travel, a customized session in-home, professional light retouching of images, in-home ordering session, 10 custom Newborn Birth Announcements, a Keepsake, personal delivery of beautifully packaged products, & hanging service if needed.

Collections & Prints Start at $69

Digital Collections start at $1399 with three collection options. Each includes digital files, matching gift prints and a memory case to protect your investment.

Create Your Own Print Collections Start at a minimum of $199. Finished Wall Art and Albums Starts at $899 and Gift Prints start at $69. Choose as little or as much as you want based on your photography needs.

 How to Prepare:


The best time to schedule your design session is between 34 and 37 weeks as this will give me time to prepare if baby arrives before gestation. We will schedule your session with a soft date based on babies due date. If baby has already arrived I ask you to schedule your design session ASAP and we will either do it in person or over the phone dependent on babies age. Newborn session usually take place in the first 7 to 10 days old as they become less flexible and sleep less sound as they get older. Around 10 to 14 days they will begin to have increased flaking skin and baby acne as well as a growth spurt where he/she will want to eat every 15 minutes.

Your Design Session:

We will meet at a neutral location or at your home to design your session and I will learn about you, your family, what you are looking for from your babies session and how you plan to display your pieces.

What to Wear:
I will do group pictures before working with baby on his or her own so I will ask you wear what you feel amazing in and and maternity clothes are perfectly fine as you need to be comfortable. Spouses should iron their shirt the morning of the session. I ask we stay with more neutral tones that accent your home and style. I will provide outfits for baby and if you have 1 you would like to include please let me know so I can plan a set around it.

Hair & Makeup:

Wash your hair the night before and style as usual before the session. As for makeup don’t put it on if you don’t feel like it just put mascara on to make your eyes pop in the pictures and make you feel rested. (even though your ready to sleep)

Breast Feeding or Bottle:

I don’t care which you chose as long as baby is getting food. If breast feeding prepare to feed baby 1 hour before I arrive and then when I arrive I will have you feed him/her again as he/she will eat more during the session. If bottle feeding you can feed any time he is hungry and then we will top off before your session begins. I will suggest you avoid any caffeine, acidic foods, or oily foods as they can cause baby to be gassy and have trouble sleeping.

While I Work with Baby:

After I have finished working with your family as a group and prepare to move forward with your newborn I will give you moments to feed and change baby while I set up. When I am working with your baby you can go change into your cozy cloths and kick your feet up enjoy a cuddle or watch me work.