Personal Brand Photography

[Showing off what your business has to offer and creating images that your client can connect with!]

A sample of a crafters’ story. From devotion to creation the attention and care can be appreciated.

A sample of a crafters’ story. From devotion to creation the attention and care can be appreciated.

What is Personal Brand Photography & Why Do I Need It?

Personal brand photography is for small business owners, Multilevel marketers, Entrepreneurs, Trainers, Artist, Bloggers & Social Influencers. It is a session designed around you and your business. Now a day’s a good head-shot isn’t enough to draw clients in. They want to know more. We work together and create a couple of stories to telling about your business and the day to day behind the scenes. We help tell your story and why through pictures that will connect your client to your business on a personal level. Your personal brand photos will obviously be about your business but you as well. They will showcase your unique personality and shows your potential clients what makes working with you unique. We create an emotion, a connection, a unique link between you and your client. We want your clients to be excited to work with you and help grow your business and that is where personal brand photography comes in.

Session Collections Start at $1,499

How can I use the pictures from the session?

You receive between 70 and 90 finished images in a series of resolutions to fit your needs. Including website, social media, and printing. You will have a commercial release so you can adjust the images as needed for your finished marketing and they will not be watermarked. All you will have to do is pull your image from your desired file and upload to the media source you want it displayed on. Then type your copy up for the day and submit. Voila! you're done with your daily marketing. Do you want to update your website? You will have pictures for that as well they will be formatted to load quickly and showcase your business in high quality. Need detail pictures for Instagram? No problem, there will be some perfectly formatted for that purpose as well so no more cut off! Sounds much more fun than the search and hope you have a good picture, doesn’t it! Or the thousands of close up filtered selfies. Now you can be more personal and show off what you have to offer! Your personality and what drives your business whether it be family, helping others, giving back! Show off why you do what you do! We will have fun in the process!

What Do I Need to Do?

Almost nothing, all I ask you to do is fill out a series of questions when you book that will tell me about you, your brand, your business, and your desired clients. How do you want to connect with them and what emotions do you want to portray! Remember this is about you and your business. The pictures will give you a way to market to your idea client without the work of finding something to take a picture of every day. Other than that you just have to show up ready to have fun!

Where Will the Session Take Place?

The location will usually take place at your point of business but I have other options available as well if you need a different location! If you work from home this is perfectly fine as we are showing off behind the scenes but we can do 2 locations to give you a variety. We want more lifestyle then posed so plan on being able to sit back and relax. I will photograph you while you work and interact with clients.

What Type of Images can I Expect to Receive?

You will receive a multitude of images from head-shots, to fun, laughter, showing off your hobbies, your character, what type of person you are. Do you love to laugh, read a good book, spending time with your children, laughing, your favorite products that you use daily! We are going to capture you working and playing. We can go over this more in detail when we design your session as it will take planning. But know your images will show real life very little posing but I will make sure to have you looking amazing!

How Long Will it Take?

A session can take between 2 hours and to all day. It all depending on what images we need and how many people are going to be involved. As well as what I am photographing. Price will be based on the time needed.

So Let's Get Started and Create your Story!