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Senior Sessions

You will receive a Full Service Boutique Style experience. From session design to product delivery we will work together to bring your dream vision of your senior portrait to reality while showing off your true essence. I will do all the work and you will be able to just take a breath, relax and have fun being the true you. You will enjoy 2 hours at two different locations laughing and having fun!

Creative Fee is $499

The creative fee includes an in-person welcome meeting over coffee/tea at a local coffee house or at your home. You will receive a welcome packet, on-call prep assistance, optional hair & makeup experienced photographers time & creative skills, photographers travel, a customized 2 hours session on-location, 3 to 4 outfits, professional light retouching of images, in-home ordering session, 1 - 8x10 Hard Cover Memory Book, 1 Swag Bag, Personal delivery of beautifully packaged products, & hanging service if needed & memories to last a lifetime!

Collections & Prints Starting at $69!

Digital Collections start at $1399 with three collection options. Each includes digital files options of 10, 15, or 30 on a custom USB drive, matching prints, and a memory box to protect your investment.


Create Your Own Print Collection prints start at $69. Finished Wall Art Starts at $699 and Albums start at $899. Choose as little or as much as you want based on your photography needs.

I enjoyed working with this beautiful young lady this evening.

How to Prepare for Your Session:

Clothing Choices:
The days leading up to your session I ask that you choose 5 to 7 outfits you feel amazing in and that you feel show who you are for your session.  Avoid bright colored shirts that will reflect on your skin, prints larger than your fist and any horizontal line patterns.  Also make sure the options you choose are great for moving. We want to make sure you are the focus of your portraits. Layering is great! Make sure to include shoes and jewelry then text me a picture of each set.  Based on the location we have selected I will tell you which three outfits to bring with you and any suggestions I might have.  Make sure to iron and hang up your outfits so they will not wrinkle before your session.

Wear a everyday outfit to your session as you will change into your first outfit once you arrive to your 1st session location!

Hair & Makeup: (Makeup is not Required)

Hair & Makeup is optional for your session. If you would like hair and makeup you will need to plan an additional hour for before your session. To prep wash your hair the night before your session and have your nails done the day before. For makeup wash and moisturize your skin the morning of your session but do not put anything on it other then sunscreen.

If you would like to tan please do so a couple days before your session so the skin has time to heal. Please DO NOT spray tan as in the camera you will turn orange.

If you are doing your own hair & makeup:

The morning of your session please make sure to clean and moisturize your face and put sunscreen on.  Wait to put your makeup on until you get ready to come for your session.  Make sure to wear mascara as it will help make your eyes pop in the pictures.

Session Date/Time:
You have selected your session date and time based on your schedule and therefore I ask you to make sure to arrive 15 minutes early so you can change into your first outfit while I set up my equipment and we have time to go over everything and make any last minute adjustments before your session begins.

You will have 2 locations with a variety of spots within each location. Please bring a pair of tennis shoes to walk in (we will put your good shoes one when we get to the location choices).

If you plan to bring props to be used in your session please limit it to 2 and know we will only use them in a few pictures as your session is about you and who you are in as you bring one chapter to an end and begin an exciting new chapter. Prop options include Musical Instruments, Dance Attire, Sports Equipment, Heirlooms, etc.