Muffy & Bucks Puppies

What to Expect!

When you work with Mindful Light Photography you receive an amazing photography experience that is completed with custom Fine Art Pieces being delivered to you beautifully wrapped and ready to display in your home. We start with you booking your design session, where we sit down at your home and work together to design your session.

Framed Canvas on wood plank wall over gray couch

Design Session

Your design session will take place in your home. Serves a couple purposes. 1st you don't have to go out and I can observe how your fur baby is in his/her element and it's less stressful for the session. This is also when we will do a walk through together for you to show me where you would like your pieces displayed so I can have an idea of what finish would look best and I will take pictures of the area you would like to display your portraits to create a visual of what your pieces would look like in the locations you have chosen. I will also be looking at lighting for the best location in your home for the session to take place. We will go over what you see as the perfect image and who will be part of the session. At this time I will also go over how you can prepare for the session from grooming timing to the morning of routine.

Muffy & Bucks Puppies

Your Session

I will arrive 15 minutes early to get everything set up either in your home or in your yard depending on the information provide at the design session. Your session will take up to 1 hour and during the session I will ask you to assist if needed. After the session I will pack up and return to my office to finish. The next time we get together will be exciting.

printed proofs

Ordering Session

Your ordering session takes place 1 week after your session. At the ordering session you will view a short slideshow followed by the 20 to 30 printed proofs. You will go through the proofs and divide them into like & love. If you can’t choose then Albums are always an option! From the ones you love you will select your pieces to be printed selecting size and finish. I ask all decision makers be present for the ordering session as this is when your order is placed. Your order will be sent to print once your order is paid for in full.


Product Delivery

Your order will arrive 2 - 4 weeks after your ordering is paid for in full. Once your finished pieces come back from the lab I will inspect for quality and once all items pass inspection I will wrap your portraits and prepare for delivery. I will contact you to set up a date/time for deliver. When I deliver your order I ask you review it while I am present to make sure you are 100% happy with your finished portraits. I will hang all wall pieces if you would like.

Again I look forward to working with you and don't worry I know with is a lot of information but we will go over it all together at your design session. Until then have a wonderful day.

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